Wynn Hospital at MVHS in downtown Utica is moving towards a fall 2023 completion and opening and the progress is substantial. On Friday, February 11,  MVHS's Bob Schoefield guided the WIBX News team through a tour of the property and complex as we saw the progress constructions crews have made from the ground level, all the way to the hospital's top floor.

The tour started in the energy building which houses an enormous h-vac system, along with water pumps and backup generators. The building, across the walkway to the left of the photo above is also where supplies will be stored. Supplies will be separated into two areas: initial storage packaged as it was delivered and clean storage, which will maintain the proper cleanliness required for certain medical supplies.

Our tour then traveled along the now closed Columbia Street adjacent to the south side of the hospital where a brick facade with light and dark contrasts is designed to replicate the different colors used when nearby Hotel Utica was originally built. We walked to the west side of the building which will be the ambulatory entrance and entered the same opening that we walked through back in May of 2021, when we took our first tour of the facility.

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Back in May of last year, we saw an empty shell with pillars and pipes coming from the ground that would clearly be used as channels for electric and communication wiring, gas, water and sewer lines. When we walked in on Friday, the building actually seemed smaller because all of the petitions were up and patient rooms, nursing stations and hallways were clearly in the well-developed stages of construction.

Our tour took us up the newly operational elevator as we toured operating rooms, patient rooms, bathrooms and even the top floor, which will specialize in mental health who completed. Most noticeable were the patient rooms which each are well lit by natural light and offer a spectacular view of the city to the south and to from the other side of the building, to the north.

The many hours of advanced planning to create a modern, state of the art, wellness facility was evident as we toured the enormous building. Wynn Hospital is scheduled to be completed next year in 2023 with an opening expected in the fall.

Wynn Hospital at MVHS Construction Tour in Utica, NY

MVHS's Bob Schoefield ushered a tour of the current state of construction at the new Wynn Hospital in downtown Utica on Friday, February 11, 2022. The project is on-schedule and is expected to be completed and open in Fall of 2023.Bill

Exclusive Photo Tour Of MVHS Hospital Project

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Several of those listed have previously been featured in separate posts about individual crimes, on a previous wanted list, or as the Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers Wanted Person of the Week.

The reader is reminded that all persons, either suspected of or arrested in connection to, a crime, are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of any of the individuals listed is asked to call police or the local Crime Stoppers.

The Utica Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division can be reached at: (315) 223.3510.

Calls, e-mail, and messages may also be left anonymously with Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers by calling: 1-866-730-8477 (TIPS), by visiting www.mohawkvalleycrimestoppers.com, or by using the P3 Tips mobile app. All information received by Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers is 100% confidential.

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