Holland Patent Central Schools are closed today due to positive COVID-19 tests.

School officials say the district was notified Thursday evening that three students tested positive for the coronavirus.

A message on the district website announced a positive case in the high school, one in the middle school and one in the elementary school.

As a result of the positive test, school officials say all school buildings will be closed to both students and staff.

School officials say due to the late notice, today will be an emergency closure and there will be no remote learning and all district activities will be cancelled until Monday, September 28th.

Officials say,

We would like to thank all of you in advance. This pandemic has brought on new challenges and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we rise to meet these challenges.

Due to privacy rules, the district is not able to share any specific information and county health officials will notify those who may have been in direct contact with the students.

The district says they are taking this opportunity to clean and sanitize all buildings thoroughly and be ready to open on Monday. The district maintains that the safety of students and staff continues to be their number one priority.

Governor Cuomo Thursday released details on his COVID-19 school report card, in which parents and teachers can see what if any cases are coming up at schools at every level across the state.

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