It's hard to believe that temperatures could reach any lower than what we experienced here in Central New York this past weekend, but in Northern New York it was.

Looking over Lake Placid is Whiteface Mountain. This mountain is New York's fifth highest peak and on Friday, the summit hit an incredible low temperature with wind chill.

Richard Brant, science manager of the University of Albany’s Atmospheric Science Research Center on Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington, said the temperature at the summit was 26 degrees below zero Fahrenheit Friday. By 6:55 p.m., sustained winds had increased to 90 mph with gusts up to 102 mph.

With those strong and fast wind gusts, the temperature fell well below the -26 degree level. The temperature with wind chills actually were recorded at 79 below zero.

Of course Whiteface is home to several great skiing spots, but due to the severe weather that was not an option for some. According to the ADK Daily Enterprise,

Whiteface Mountain Ski Center in Wilmington did not open Friday because of a power outage. The blackout was caused by heavy winds damaging power lines, according to Jon Lundin, communications manager for the Olympic Regional Development Authority, which runs the state-owned ski area.

Schools were also closed in this area on Friday due to the extreme temperatures. Hopefully the colder weather has come and gone and we can return to somewhat normal temperatures again for all of New York State.

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