Are you ready for the coldest weather of the season?

Bundle Up!

Subfreezing temperatures are heading to Central New York and will bring the mercury to near 0 degrees and we have Tuesday's potential nor'easter to blame.

Meteorologists say a weak low pressure system will bring light snow to the region, with current estimates giving a conservative estimate of 1 to 4 inches of snow. The higher elevations, as usual, will receive the higher end of the estimate.

However, the snow could cause a slick morning commute, so plan accordingly.

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However, it's not the snow atop of people's minds - it's the bitter cold that's on the horizon. That nor'easter is going to drag in the coldest temperatures of the season because it'll introduce a fresh blast of arctic air into the region.

Starting Wednesday, forecasters say temperatures will struggle to hit above 20 during the daytime, and say the overnight low can reach as low as 10 degrees and continue to drop heading into Thursday morning. However, wind chills in the low teens will make make it feel like it's more like single-digit degree weather outside on Wednesday, according to Accuweather.

Temperatures will remain bitterly cold, with temperatures remaining in the mid to low-20s during the daytime Thursday and Friday, and the overnight lows failing to rise above 15.

However, you will find yourself missing these temperatures as we head into the weekend.

Sub-zero Temperatures This Weekend

The current forecast warns the mercury will sink like a stone Friday night into Saturday morning and will bottom out around 4 degrees. Saturday's high is projected to reach as high as 13 degrees before we take an icy plunge come nightfall.


As of print-time Monday, the area will grapple with temperatures around -1 Saturday night into Sunday morning, which will be the coldest air of the season. Wind chills will make it feel even worse outside.

Thankfully, the cold blast will not hang around and will move out of the region on Monday, when temperatures climb into the 30s. Meteorologists say we will see a brief thaw, with some 40-degree weather currently predicted for Wednesday, January 24.

The warmer weather will also determine if the region will get rain or snow, as another wet system is anticipated to move across the area on the 24th. According to the Weather Channel's 10 day forecast, Central New York will not see the sun through Monday, the 29th, and instead deal with a wintry mix of rain and snow until then.

Staying Warm

Cold weather is a fact of life in Central New York, but just in case if anyone needs a crash course on what to do during extreme temperatures, here's a refresher from the New York State Department of Health.

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Residents are advised to wear several layers of lightweight clothing, meaning more than 2 layers, should they need to go outside for any reason. As a dog owner, I will be right there with you when my pup needs to go out for his "morning constitutional," if you catch my drift.

When outside, experts say you must have your head covered as the human body loses as much as 50 percent of its heat through the head. Gloves and scarves are also important to keep you better insulated.

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Residents should also wear winter boots when outside with thick socks to ensure those digits don't get nipped by the cold when outside.

Said the Department of Health:

Exposure to extreme cold can cause life-threatening conditions, such as hypothermia and frostbite. Hypothermia is a dangerous cooling of body temperature over time which can be fatal if not detected immediately and treated properly. Those most at risk are infants, the elderly, and those who work or play outdoors. Warning signs of hypothermia in adults include shivering, fatigue, drowsiness, exhaustion, blue skin and or numbness, confusion, disorientation, memory loss, slurred speech, and a glassy stare. Infants may appear to have very low energy and cold, bright red skin.


As for the indoors, it's best to set your thermostat between 64 to 75-degrees to ensure your heating system isn't struggling to keep up with the chilly weather outside. It may seem counterintuitive, but this method is apparently more cost-efficient during times of bitter weather.

Additionally, the World Health Organization is urging households with infants, people with health problems and/or seniors to keep the thermostat around 68 - at minimum, as those age groups struggle the most to regulate their body temperature.

Thankfully, this cold spell isn't going to hang around for long and we'll be back to our absurdly-warm winter very soon.

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