Political campaign endorsements are almost always predictable; but, with the race for New York's 22nd Congressional district heating up between Republican Claudia Tenney and Democrat Anthony Brindisi, we might have just witnessed one of the most unique and meaningful endorsements to date. In fact, it was downright funny.

It all began with a memo from Claudia Tenney to her staffers that was mysteriously released to the New York Post on Wednesday where she warned her team of Brindisi's "thuggish" tactics. She was eluding to, like she has before, Brindisi's father and his alleged ties to organized crime years ago when he was a defense attorney.

"Brindisi’s family has used their political connections to get away with violence, intimidation and thuggish behavior for years. As the Brindisi family watches Anthony’s political career end, they may return to what they know—violence and intimidation,” the memo read according to the New York Post.

Brindisi supporters denounced the memo, calling it a "bigoted scare tactic to disparage the Assemblyman," who in the latest polling is slightly ahead of the incumbent (leading 46-44; a statistical tie with the margin of error). Brindisi's campaign called it a "stunt" conducted by a desperate candidate who is behind in the polls, showing "exactly why she needs to be replaced." Tenney's campaign pounced back saying, his "father’s behavior is a matter of public record."

Meanwhile, the memo, which many believe was leaked to the NY Post as a political smear by Tenney herself, drew a deluge of criticism from representatives from both parties; but, none like the one from New York Assemblyman, Marc Butler of Newport, NY-118. Butler, a retiring Conservative - Republican who worked with Tenney in the Assembly, denounced the memo calling it absurd. "Dredging up these old stereotypes...I think it's bad politics and I don't think it works in her favor in any possible way," said Butler. Following a nearly five minute interview where he delivered a blistering commentary on the stunt, he was then asked by WIBX radio's Bill Keeler if he would be endorsing one of the candidates in the race and what came next might just be one of the funniest endorsements ever in local politics.

Butler laughed at the question and then barked, "I thought I just did!"

Listen to Butler's unique endorsement of Anthony Brindisi in NY-22 here:

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