Central New York native Leon Etienne and his partner Romy Low turned heads on NBC's "America's Got Talent" when judge Howard Stern kissed Howie Mandel after the latter praised the illusionists' performance and Stern's wildcard leap of faith.  Leon and Romy then shared their appreciation for their fans on stage, proclaiming, "Thank you, Utica!" alongside host Nick Cannon.

Cannon, who sported an untied bow tie during the Tuesday performance, was more buttoned up when he was a part of the team's previous act, which included Cannon emerging from a box as part of a magic trick.  But the audience, and judge Howard Stern, was not impressed.

Stern, who says he thought they were capable of more, called that performance disappointing.  The public responded by not casting their votes for the two then.  However, on September 3, 2013 they made up for it.

Following a Twitter and social media campaign launched by WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning, Stern brought the team back as his wildcard choice.  Etienne and Low did not disappoint, performing no fewer than six illusions in a less than 90 seconds.

Even before the now famous "make up kiss," New Yorkers, friends, and fans of the duo - which include former shock jock Howard Stern himself - began pulling for Leon and Romy. It appears that they are responding with affection for Etienne's appreciation of where he comes from.  His love for his hometown is not lost on Leon and Romy's growing fan base - which includes former shock jock Howard Stern himself.  In the interview below Etienne says that he thanked Stern after the show and Stern turned and thanked him instead, saying, "Leon, thank you so much, you didn't make me look like a idiot...I'm extremely proud of you."  Leon says, "It doesn't get too much better."

Leon, who survived being struck by lightning on a baseball field as a child, promises to electrify the audience again if selected to go to the next stage of the NBC show.

For the full interview with Leon and Romy click the audio button below:


WIBX's Bill Keeler Featured on Howard Stern's Station

Bill Keeler, of WIBX's First News with Keeler in the Morning, was featured on Howard Stern's ' Howard 100 News ' on Thursday following a Twitter blitz asking for Stern to bring illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low back onto America's Got Talent.

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