Letchworth State Park isn't the only place you can see ice volcanos. The winter phenomenon is erupting along shores in New York state too.

The combination of wind, water, cold temperatures, and ice are creating winter volcanoes on Lake Erie. The best place to see them is at Evangola State Park in Southern Erie County, according to New York State Parks.

When ice begins to form on the water’s surface, powerful winds push large waves towards the shore. As they do, the water is sandwiched between the shore and the ice, creating a buildup of pressure.

The pressure causes the water to burst through cracks in the ice. The spray then freezes and creates a cone. Every wave builds the volcano even high, some as big as 20 feet.

Ice Volcano NY Locations

Lake Erie is one of the best locations to see ice volcanoes, but they also form on Lake Ontario, Michigan, and Superior as well as Fair Haven Beach State Park in Cayuga County and Hamlin Beach State Park in Monroe County where Denise Bianrosa Duffy captured a photo of the incredible phenomenon.

If you're planning on a volcano adventure, be advised the ice on a lake where the cones form can be extremely unsafe. You're strongly advised against venturing out on it to get a closer look.

Credit - Denise Bianrosa Duffy
Credit - Denise Bianrosa Duffy

Letchworth State Park Ice Volcano

You can see the magical fountain that's been creating the famous ice volcano for more than 150 years. It's inside Letchworth State Park, where you'll find a fountain in front of the Glen Iris Inn that has been spraying water 365 days a year since 1860. Once the weather turns cold, the water turns to ice, creating a magical ice volcano people travel from miles around to see.

The size of the volcano varies from year to year depending on how low the temperatures get. In 2015, New York experienced an extended deep freeze, creating a volcano that reached 50 feet tall.

Stay Safe

If you plan to see it, please remember to be safe. Stay off the ice formation and surrounding frozen water around the pond. It's usually roped off to keep everyone at a safe distance but still close enough to take pictures or selfies.

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