Don't be alarmed if you happen to see something glowing overhead this week.

Before you call up your local UFO investigator, you should know that the glowing lights and explosions overhead are all part of an elaborate airshow that's being put on in the region.

Local residents should keep their eyes on the skies as some parts of the Hudson Valley will be able to catch a glimpse of a spectacular nighttime show on Friday and Saturday evenings.

YouTube/Greenwood Lake Airshow
YouTube/Greenwood Lake Airshow

Planes equipped with LED lights will be doing maneuvers overhead while pyrotechnics, lights, and music surround the aircraft. The high-flying light show is all part of this year's Greenwood Lake Air Show.

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Video captured from last year's performance shows illuminated planes shooting fireworks out of their wings and LED lights making one aircraft's smoke trails glow in the night sky.

The airshow begins at 5 pm on Friday and 2 pm on Saturday. Both shows will feature an illuminated nighttime spectacular that begins at 8:30 pm.  As night falls the festivities will start with a "Twilight Show" from Airythmia, a paramotor team that can float through the night sky on large sails. After that Buck Roetman will be flying his 375 horsepower plane through the air equipped with pyro sparklers followed by Gary Rower's "nighttime aerobatic ballet." The evening ends with a grand finale featuring planes equipped with LED lights, pyrotechnics, and more.

YouTube/Greenwood Lake Airshow
YouTube/Greenwood Lake Airshow


For those who want a more up-close view of the show, tickets for the event are available at the gate. You can find out more information, as well as details on Sunday's daytime show on the Greenwood Lake Airshow's website.

And if you do attend the airshow in person, keep your eyes open for the ruins of a long-lost Warner Bros. theme park which can still be seen just off of Airport Road.

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