Calling it 'impressive', Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has released the following statement in regards to President Donald Trump's first State of the Union speech.

Below, Tenney's statement is the official statement from the Congresswoman's Democratic challenger, current New York State Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

From Republican NY-22 Congresswoman Claudia Tenney:

“Tonight, President Trump made an impressive case for a great American comeback. We are stronger, freer, and safer than we were just a year ago. Manufacturing jobs are growing, wages are rising, and our economy is more robust than it was a year ago. I am proud of what Congress and the President have achieved on behalf of the American people. The President was right to credit the American people with these successes. It is the small business owner, the working mom, the resilient worker and the brave service members who make America great. 
The American people are dreamers, inventors, makers and doers. We must continue to work to make it possible for them to achieve their dreams. Tax and regulatory reform were the first steps, but we have much more to do to ensure every child grows up in a country where they can realize their dreams. 
We need a secure border and we need a fair and simple immigration process that rewards those who hold our values dear and will contribute their dreams and talents to the great American experiment. We need infrastructure that is modern, robust, and reliable without the red tape and delays that hold up our current projects for years. We need a foreign policy that tells the world— friends and foes alike— that America is back and if you stand with us, there’s nothing we cannot accomplish. 
I am confident that 2018 will be another banner year for our great country as we confront our challenges and make the most of our opportunities. I will continue to fight to make sure that this American comeback reaches every corner of These United States, especially Central New York and the Southern Tier. No person, no family and no community will be left behind.” 
And, this is the official statement from Democrat Anthony Brindisi:
“Tonight, we heard from the President about the importance of rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, investing in job training and vocational schools, lowering healthcare and drug costs, improving treatment options for those addicted to drugs, and investing in our military. These are commendable goals; however, Congress has failed to put aside partisan bickering to work on these issues. I am eager to hear more specifics about the proposals the President outlined in his speech. At the same time, I remain concerned about attempts by some hardliners in Washington to strip health insurance from millions of people and the effect of the recently passed tax plan that will hurt New York’s economy and raise taxes for many New York residents. I will continue my efforts to work in a bipartisan manner to fight for the hardworking people of upstate New York.”

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