As is often pointed out by the game’s critics, baseball can be a bit slow. So what’s a fielder to do during the often excruciating periods between pitches?

Well, if you’re Cleveland Indians’ second baseman Jason Kipnis, you do a bit of singing. Adele‘s ‘Someone Like You’ to be exact.

Now Kipnis was obviously aware he was wearing a live microphone during Wednesday’s Cactus League game between the Indians and the Arizona Diamondbacks. So that makes him a bit of a ham, doesn’t it?

The MLB Network plans on continuing this experimentation with live audio throughout the exhibition season. So Kipnis’ rendition may start a trend of other players showing off their pipes between pitches.

As for Kipnis’ voice, how does it rate? It’s a little unfair to compare him to Adele, whose voice is better than most folks who make their living singing. Her original vocals are below for you to compare.

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