Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Discussion on Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims.

Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland has the latest reaction to Trump's comments

Kristine and Keeler - has another presidential candidate every said anything similar to Trump's Muslim ban

Checking in with Peter Franklin with true tales from NYC. Plus, is Uber a good thing for the area?

7 AM Hour

Caller weighs in on Uber. Plus, SUNY Poly President Dr. Robert Geer with an update on jobs and what's next?

FREE Money Question of the Day. Monaski thanks listeners for cards and support on the birth of Carter. Some terrible advice on how to you get an infant to sleep at night. Plus, is there a myth about mass shootings in the US?

John Spellman - The Rome Generals to joins New York State Collegiate Baseball League

8 AM Hour

Keeler on a former boss who used to check his garbage after the show. Plus, Dr. James Pinckney on dangerous toys this Christmas season

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter with a blunt take of Donald Trump. Plus, The Donald's appearance on Morning Joe

Is Adele in trouble for stealing/sampling a song without credit? Let's listen:

Legal Lis Wiehl has crazy stories from the legal world

Donald Trump audio

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