You might want to move to another state if you want affordable, quality heath care.

The pandemic has shaken up the country's health priorities, with more Americans now prioritizing having good doctors and health insurance. Sadly, they might not find much relief in the Empire State.

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A new survey from WalletHub found the average American is spending more than $12,900 per year on personal health care expenses.

But where in the U.S. can you secure the best and most affordable health care? The pollsters compared data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia across 44 key measures, such as health care cost, accessibility and outcome.

They also included statistics such as average monthly insurance premium, physicians per capita, hospital beds per capita and more.

While New York scored high in some categories, it's overall ranking wound up in the bottom half of the pile.

New York is the 30th best health care system in the U.S.

Yes. We ranked 30th out of 51. Are you surprised?

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New York's average monthly premium ranked 35th best, which was our worst possible score.

We ranked 23rd in access and 28th in outcomes.

More findings said we ranked ninth in percentage of insured adults and fourth best for percentage of insured children.

While we also ranked 4th in physicians per capita, the Empire State placed 34th best for dentists per capita. The state also ranked 23rd in hospital beds per capita and 27th for percentage of medical residents retained.

So, which state do you need to move to in order to find the best health care? That would be Minnesota, which topped the list.

Iowa, Rhode Island, North Dakota and Utah respectively rounded out the top 5.

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As for the worst states, West Virginia came in dead last, followed by Mississippi, Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana and Oklahoma, respectively, in the bottom five.

Check out the map below:

Source: WalletHub
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