Utica Comets President Rob Esche and Gerbers owner Mark Mojave were on Keeler recently to call out what they claim is a climate of bullying by 'No Hospital' group founders Jim Brock and Brett Truett.

"For me, enough is enough," said Esche. The Comets owner and former NHL goalie cited slanderous comments made on social media against supporters of the hospital project including President and CEO of the Community Foundation, Alicia Dicks. "The maliciousness is stuff that I preach to kids about not to do and it's pretty hard the it's happening right in our community," he added.

Mark Mojave, owner of Gerbers, a local restaurant and bar near the proposed hospital footprint, told WIBX that the intimidation he's faced has actually come close to physical violence. "I've had a fist waved in my face," said Mojave. He also claims the group was urging members to avoid his establishment in hopes of putting him out of business.  "I've been threatened," he said.

"The hospital going there (downtown Utica) will allow businesses to organically pop up," Esche said. "UFC is renting their rooms for the entire week at Hotel Utica. So these things spur business," he added. "It's basically the insolent minority. The voice seems like it's getting bigger; but, it's not," Esche added.

Both Jim Brock and Brett Truett were asked to come on WIBX to speak about the charges made against them and they both declined our offer.

Listen to the entire interview here:

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