WIBX's Better Beer Man teased that the legendary malt beverage would be returning. Now it has arrived; the drink I was only old enough to hear stories about has returned to store shelves. According to John Naegele...ZIMA has arrived.

This beverage contains a certain concoction of ingredients that are so perfectly dangerous it makes beer experts like Naegele say, "Here We Go Again!" My first memory of ZIMA came at the Fourth of July party at my aunt and uncles house. I was too young to drink, but not my cousin! He was just the right age to be introduced to drinking when ZIMA was at its peek.

I remember what a nice evening it started off as. Fun BBQ, light the fire when the sun goes down and set off a few Il(legal) fireworks. But then as the ZIMA was flowing, the party started to wind down. People were suddenly falling asleep and my cousin ended up in the bathroom upstairs. It was there he suffered the awul effects of drinking too much ZIMA.

I can't wait to try it. As our 'Better Beer Man Naegele' would say, "Cheers."

Let the journey begin...

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