The best part of the NFL off-season is about to end.

From the NFL Combine to the middle of May, the off-season is chalk-full of hot topics, news and excitement for fans.

The combine, the start of NFL free agency, the draft buildup and then the actual draft are all fun for fans who are missing the actual games. You may think we're done with the excitement of the off-season, but there's one more thing we can look forward to.

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The NFL schedule release.

The NFL usually drops the full schedule at some point in May and according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, that will likely come on May 11th. That's next Thursday.

The Buffalo Bills will be playing in London this year, as it's their turn in the rotation to play a home game overseas. The international games are typically announced shortly before the full schedule is released, but we don't know when that game will be announced; or the other international games.

You can bet money the Bills will be playing quite a few primetime games. They're one of the best teams in the league, they play an exciting passing style offense, and they always draw great ratings. They have to be in primetime, whether fans like it or not.

Here's some predictions of which games will be night games.

  • Dallas Cowboys (home)
  • New England Patriots (home)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (road)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (road)
  • Miami Dolphins (road)

The Kansas City Chiefs road game in Arrowhead could easily be a primetime game, but I'm betting on CBS protecting that game once again.

We will find out soon what unfolds.

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