We're over three weeks into the official start of summer in New York and already it's been one of the more eventful summers in recent memory.

The humidity has been a storyline the last several weeks, with heat advisories in place last week for parts of the state. The passing thunderstorms have been a story as well, although we're still technically in a drought because of the lack of rain in May and early June.

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Unfortunately, there's another major factor in regards to the summer weather and it has nothing to do with the rain, heat or actual weather.

The air quality will once again range from poor to unhealthy on Monday, as Canadian wildfire smoke blows through New York State again. This will be the third major time since the first week of June that wildfire smoke has swept through the state.

That has to do with wind direction. The wildfires likely won't be extinguished until we get to colder weather, so anytime the wind blows a certain way, it can pass that smoke to New York; which can reach ground level. Fine particles reaching ground level will make things unpleasant outdoors for the next 48 hours. This smoke is from Western Canada wildfires.

Limit your time outside, especially strenuous activities.

This means that we will have to deal with this smoke, on and off, until the end of the summer.

The good news for this round of smoke is it should improve by Wednesday and should be gone by the weekend.

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