Two museums in New York have the honor of being named among the ten best in the country. One is for play and one is for music.

#4 The Museum at Bethel Woods - Bethel, New York

One of the best music museums in the country is at Bethel Woods, home to the most famous 3-day music festival in history. It came in at number four on the USA Today 10 Best list.

The Museum at Bethel Woods
Photo courtesy of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts/Wade Lawrence

Relive the Past

Some people visit the museum at Bethel Woods to relive the past. Others go to experience what it was like for the first time.

As you step inside the exhibit you hear the echo of 450,000 chanting “no rain” and see the stories of those who were actually there. Through artifacts, films, music - and even a hippie bus - you will be inspired not only by what was the most prolific three-day festival in history, but by the ideals that still remain relevant today.

The Museum at Bethel Woods
Photo courtesy of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts/Wade Lawrence

Museum Tickets

Museum opens on April 1, 2023
Adults: $19 advance/$21.69 walkup
Seniors (65+): $17 advance/$19 walkup
Youth (6-18): $5 advance/$5 walkup

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By Chris Ramirez
Photo courtesy of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

No. 4: The Strong National Museum of Play - Rochester, New York

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester New York is the ultimate play destination, making it hte fourth best Pop Cultures museums in the country.

The highly interactive museum houses the world’s largest collection of artifacts related to play.

With 100,000 square feet of dynamic, interactive exhibit space, The Strong museum provides entertaining, educational, and unforgettable intergenerational fun.

Credit - Strong Museum of Play via Facebook
Credit - Strong Museum of Play via Facebook

Explore Gaming History

Explore the National Toy and World Video Game Halls of Fame. The Pinball Playfields, Wegmans Super Kids Market, Reading Adventureland, Ropes Course, and Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden are among some of the favorite exhibits at the museum.

Photo Credit - The Strong Museum, Rochester, New York
Photo Credit - The Strong Museum, Rochester, New York

Museum Hours & Tickets

The museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday through Thursday and 10 AM to 8 PM on Fridays.

Museum Admission - $19
Museum & Butterfly Garden - $25
Museum & Ropes Course - $27
Museum, Butterfly Garden, Ropes Course - $31

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