If you like the snow, you're going to love the extended forecast. It's perfect for winter enthusiasts.

Get ready to break out the skis, snowmobiles, and snowblowers early. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a white and chilly winter in Central New York after a warm one last year. And it looks like it'll start early with blizzard conditions in December, before the official start of the season.

There are indications that an El Niño, will be brewing in the latter half of 2023, lasting into the winter of 2024. Cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet, and ice.


Colder Than Normal

The first part of 2024 won't be much better. The Farmer's Almanac extended winter forecast, based on a mathematical and astronomical formula calls for colder-than-normal temperatures and lots of snowstorms, sleet, ice, and rain for much of the Great Lakes.

The second week of January will be stormy, snowy, and wet for the Eastern States.

The second week of February will see another storm on the East Coast with snow, cold rain, and frigid temps.

March will be all over the map with wild swings in temperatures and a possible storm to end the month.

Yes, predicting the weather that far in advance has its risks, and at a times, nature likes to remind us that she has the last word.

That last word for winter may come near the end of April. Late-season snow is possible during the third week of the month. Just about the time we're all sick of the winter season and ready for spring.

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash
Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Sweaters, Shovels & Ice Castles

Maybe this winter season it'll actually be cold enough to open the Ice Castles in Lake George on time.

Whatever winter holds, we're hardy Central New Yorkers and can handle anything Mother Nature dishes out. If we can survive Stella, we can survive anything. Bring on the snow and we'll stock up on sweaters.


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