Some people just don't learn. A New York hunter was caught not once but twice for is illegally hunting deer and now he's facing a laundry list of charges.

It all started when police officers in the town of Deerpark started receiving reports of someone shooting a deer from the road. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officers were called next.

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Officers found the hunter who said he shot the antlered deer from the roadway with his crossbow because it appeared to be injured. When they found the deer, they discovered it had been shot not once, but twice.

Someone Holding a Compound Hunting Bow
Stefan Malloch

Two Shots & Two Deer

If lying wasn't bad enough, officers then found a second antlered deer taken with the same crossbow without the required license and tags.

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The hunter was given several tickets for illegally taking two deer, shooting deer from a public roadway, hunting during the crossbow season without a license, and failing to tag.

jjneff from Getty Images Signature
jjneff from Getty Images Signature

Three Days Later

Three days later, local police and Conservation Officers were called again. This time it was for someone hunting deer over bait from the second floor of a home.

ECO Parker and New York State Police Trooper Vonderheide responded to the location and observed an open second-floor window overlooking two bait piles.

baiting deer, hunters bait deer in new york
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Same Hunter

During an interview, officers realized the hunter was the same person who was charged a few days earlier. A loaded crossbow, two loaded firearms, and a spent shell casing were discovered next to the window.

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No deer were found but officers had enough evidence to charge the hunter again. This time for intentionally feeding deer and hunting with the aid of bait.

You'd think the hunter would have learned his lesson the first time he broke the law.


Hunting Requirements

Hunters are required to wear a fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink hat or vest when hunting deer or bears with a firearm. They are also required to report their deer, bear, and turkey harvests online.

Daily hunting hours for deer and bears are 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.

You can see all the rules and regulations for hunting in New York at DEC.NY.Gov.

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