UPDATE: Water Safari reached out Jorja to offer her family tickets.

Meet Jorja! She wants to go to Water Safari this summer. So the little entrepreneur is raising money to buy her own tickets with a lemonade stand.

Jorga is not only selling lemonade, she has artwork and homemade jewelry too.

Andi DiSalvo stopped by to support Jorja and help her reach her Water Safari goal. She got a little something extra with her cup of lemonade. "I also received this amazing card telling me the world loves me and so doesn’t she with my purchase. We need more Jorja’s in this community. Go support this little entrepreneur to reach her goal to buy tickets for her family to go to Enchanted Forest."

Credit - Andi DiSalvo
Credit - Andi DiSalvo

Hard Work Pays Off

All Jorja's hard work has paid off. Her mother, Heather Coston says she's made enough to buy the tickets for their trip to Water Safari in August. But Jorja isn't done yet.

She wants to go back out there to have some spending money when we go. We have gone in past years and have never been able to spend extra on games or goodies so she is determined.

With the extra lemonade money, Jorja was able to purchase a new stuffed dog that she named Bruno.

Credit - Heather Coston
Credit - Heather Coston

Community Support

The community has come out in full force to support Jorja and her goal to get to Water Safari this summer.

People have been really supportive, especially the ones that see her out on the way to work, and lunch and she is still there when they return home.

You can support Jorja and her lemonade stand on Lenox Avenue by the Oneida Service Center.

Credit - Andi DiSalvo
Credit - Andi DiSalvo

Lemonade in Rome

Jorja isn't the only kid hoping to make it to Water Safari. Eli, Martavious, and Jakayla set up a stand in Rome to help them buy tickets. A few police officers even stopped by for a refreshing drink of Kool-Aid.

Earning Own Way

It's nice to see kids raising money for something they want rather than relying on their parents, especially at such a young age.

The next time you see kids selling a refreshing drink, be sure to stop by and support them. They'll be more grateful to buy something on their own rather than someone else just giving them what they want.

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