Several holiday dishes are very dangerous for your four-legged members of the family. Here are the foods you can and can't feed your pets during the holidays.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year when we're surrounded by family, friends, and of course lots of food. Our pets are important members of our families but not everything we get to indulge in during the holidays is good for them.

Sharing some of the holiday feasts with our furry family members can be tempting, especially when they give you 'that look.' But there are certain foods they can eat and other items that are extremely bad.

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Safe Thanksgiving Food

  • Cooked, unseasoned turkey. Although who cooks an unseasoned turkey unless it is specifically for the dog?
  • Small quantities of fresh cranberry sauce are ok. Just make sure it doesn't have any sugar, sweeteners, or spices.
  • Plain, cooked green beans are safe.
  • Plain, cooked sweet potatoes are also safe
  • Cooked or canned pumpkin is okay as long as it doesn't have any spices or sweeteners in it.

Dangerous Thanksgiving Food

  • Unbaked bread dough. Heck, that's not good for humans either.
  • Grapes and raisins. All types of grapes are very toxic for dogs, even in small amounts, and can cause kidney failure.
  • Rich, decadent desserts. That just means more for you.
  • Mashed potatoes, gravy, and buttery sweet potato casserole. Roasted potatoes are ok but all the salt, seasonings, butter, and milk added to mashed potatoes are dangerous for dogs.
  • Bones. Turkey bones can splinter and cause internal damage.

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