After enjoying spring-like weather over the past few days, Old Man Winter is coming back for a full week of freezing temperatures and snow.

Like it or not, it is still winter. Spring doesn't officially arrive until the equinox on March 21. Until then, the weather rollercoaster will continue in Central New York.

After enjoying near-record high temperatures on Thursday, the mercury is set to dip below freezing no later than Sunday night. Another blast of snow is heading our way, too.

Current Prediction

Credit - Kajetan Sumila via Facebook
Credit - Kajetan Sumila via Facebook

Be sure to enjoy that last lick of spring on Saturday, because it'll be the last time we'll see the sun and temperatures in the mid-50s for a some time.

Meteorologists are tracking a stormy system that's currently heading out from the Denver-area and the Rocky Mountains. The arctic front is expected to sweep into our area by the weekend and change that projected rainfall into snow.

Some areas in Central and Upstate New York may see this wintry changeover as early as Saturday night, depending on their elevation and proximity to the Great Lakes.

By Sunday night, the Central New York region is expected to be hit by another round of persistent lake-effect snow. The National Weather Service has lake-effect snow in the forecast from Sunday night into Wednesday night.

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Exact snowfall amounts are not yet known, but we should get some estimates for at least Sunday in by the evening, when the exact track of the system exiting the Rockies becomes more certain.

For those hoping for a silver lining, there's two.  Unlike last week's storm, there won't be any howling winds attached to this system, per the recent NWS forecast, which means the area won't see any blowing snow this time around.

It is also highly likely that because the ground has already started warming up, the snow won't stick to the ground, leading to very little or no accumulation. While you may have to dust off your car and push around some snow on the porch, there's probably no need to bring the snowblower or plows back out.

molchanovdmitry/Think Stock
molchanovdmitry/Think Stock

While many of us are disappointed to know the spring-like weather isn't here to stay, this is excellent news for ski enthusiasts who will get to enjoy a few more runs down the slope.

This current system means ski resorts can hold off their expected closing dates by at least another week. Should another cold front creep in after this one, the slopes could even stay open until Easter.

The Current Forecast

According to the NWS forecast for the Utica-area, here is what we're in for next week:

Friday: Rain likely with a high near 52
Friday Night: Drizzle, wth a tenth of an inch of rain expected. Overnight low around 37
Saturday: Partly sunny with a high near 53
Saturday Night: Showers after 2am, with a low around 38
Sunday: Rain changing over to snow toward the late afternoon, high near 46
Sunday Night: Snow likely with a low around 30
Monday: Chance of snow showers, high near 38
Tuesday: Snow continues, high near 37
Wednesday: More snow, but warmer. Forecasted high expected around 40 degrees
Thursday: Sun returns with a high near 41

Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM
Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM

At the moment, snowfall totals are not yet known due to how far out the system is. Forecasters should have a better picture by Friday evening, when the system is closer.

That said, don't put away those snow shovels and windshield covers just yet. Winter is not yet ready to say goodbye.

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