Have you wondered what happens to all that butter from the annual sculpture once the New York State Fair is over? It actually goes from a work of art to energy - enough to power one house for three days.

From beginning to end, The American Dairy Association North East makes sure none of the 800-pound sculpture is wasted. The butter that comes from O-AT-KA Milk Products in Batavia is scrap, unsuitable for sale or consumption. After the fair is over, a second dairy farm recycles the artwork.

Credit - NYS FAIR
Credit - NYS FAIR

Noblehurst Farms Recycles Butter

For the eighth year in a row, the 800 pounds of butter will make its way to Noblehurst Farms in Livingston County, about 15 miles from where the butter originated, to be recycled into renewable energy and power farms and homes in the community.

At Noblehurst Farms, the butter, and other food waste gathered throughout the year, provides power for not only the farm but more than 300 houses in the community for the year.


National Recognition

Noblehurst Farms has been recognized nationally for achievements in sustainability and community partnerships to divert food waste from local landfills. The result of Noblehurst’s efforts has led to diverting 200 tons of food waste from local landfills on a weekly basis.

“Our awareness of the role that dairy farmers are playing in addressing the global food waste problem has definitely heightened,” said Noble. “We are hopeful that our innovative food waste reduction practices will bring additional value as New York State focuses on reducing methane and sequestering carbon in the coming years.”

This year’s sculpture, “Dairy Every Day is a Healthy Way” highlighted brain health and growth.

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