With the advent of electronic signs on the highways, states across America have decided that the best way to get their safety message across to drivers, is to be clever and humorous. Unfortunately, the U.S. Federal Highway Commission (USFHC) finds the clever messages a distraction, and the governing agency has banned them across the United States.

That means we'll no longer see, Click It (seat belt icon) or Ticket, on the big new electronic displays along highways and streets throughout New York State. Now, the Feds say they want the messages single, direct, concise, and easy to understand for motorists.

The conclusion by the USFHC is that the humorous messages targeting highways signs around the state are a distraction, and can actually cause accidents.

Here are some examples of signs used across New York, and the nation:

Don't be a turkey, wear a mask

Drive like your grandma is with you, don't speed

Visiting in-laws? Slow Down. Be Late.

You're Not a Pumpkin, Don't Drive Smashed

Stay off the naughty list. Don't Speed.

Now, the Feds are sending the messages to other states, including the New York State Department of Transportation, DROP IT, OR WE'LL STOP IT!  Changing the messaging and no longer add the creative distractions along New York's highways.

The U.S. Government has published a new 1,100 page manual - yes, you heard it - 1,100 pages of rules and regulations for New York's roads and highways, that includes new rules and limits on electronic messaging along New York's roadways.

If New York were to choose to ignore the new regulation, federal highway funding would be pulled.

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