Kids of all ages will fall in love with model trains in Upstate New York this November.

New York State is home to numerous model train clubs and organizations dedicated to various scales and aspects of the hobby. Some museums in New York, like the Medina Railroad Museum and the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, have large model train layouts on display for the public to enjoy. Model trains are not just a hobby; they also have educational and historical value.

The Remsen Arts Center will present the 7th Annual Model Railroad Show on Saturday, November 18th 2023. All the fun will take place at 9627 Main Street in Remsen. The show will run from 10AM to 3PM and boasts free general admission, with the option to contribute through donations.

The Model Railroad Show will feature captivating operating layouts spanning G, O, S, and N scales, ensuring there's something for every railroading aficionado. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase trains and various accessories, making it an ideal occasion for collectors and hobbyists alike. Furthermore, a selection of train reference books and videos will be on display, adding an educational component to the experience.

This event is designed for all ages, making it a perfect outing for families. If you're interested in selling trains or setting up a layout, reach out to Peter Billard at (315)831-5220 or (315)601-9494 to secure your spot.

For more details about the Model Railroad Show, visit or check out their Facebook page at Bring your conductor hat and have a ball.

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