Have you ever look at food online and started drooling? What about candles? You shouldn't eat these candles from Whitesboro New York, but it's tempting.

While this author was endlessly scrolling social media, my fat fingers accidently clicked onto Marketplace. Before I tried to exit as fast as possible, a plate of Chinese chicken caught my eye.......is someone really selling this?

John Lopata
John Lopata

Upon investigation, I learned it was a candle. Wait, how? How in the world is this delicious plate of Chinese chicken a candle? Does it smell like the food at least? I had to investigate.

Keep Scrolling For More Amazing Food Candles From Whitesboro

Meet John Lopata and his wife Bonnie. What started out as a hobby, turned into a side hustle on Facebook for the pair:

"I do all kinds of things and always trying to come up with something different. I just started doing this as a hobby, then people started wanting to buy."

You can see why people want to buy if you keep scrolling. His food creations look amazing.

"During covid, we were sitting at home bored so we just started messing around with ideas first. We started making beaded trees of life then the candles."

Most of the candles smell like the food, or as close as possible. How? It must be witchcraft, or you know, amazing science. Prices range between $10 and $25. You can check John out on Facebook to buy creations, or check out his full inventory.

Here's some of his latest creations we had to share with you:

Whitesboro New York Resident Creates Food Candles

Most of the candles smell like the food, or as close as possible. You can check John out on Facebook to buy creations, or check out his full inventory

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