A historic moment in American history will unfold this morning, Tuesday, April 4, 2023, as Former President Donald Trump will surrender in a New York courthouse as he prepares to face criminal charges.

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Former President Trump stated on social media that he would surrender to the courthouse on Tuesday morning and a court official told Reuters that the arraignment is planned for  2:15 p.m.

Trump faces multiple election-related investigations. He will be escorted from Trump Tower to a courthouse in Manhattan by Secret Service where he will be booked and arraigned.

At the courthouse, Trump will be fingerprinted, explained the charges being brought against him, and will enter a plea which most believe will be that of not guilty as Trump has adamantly denied any wrongdoing. The election-related investigations stem from alleged 2016 hush money payments and the indictment contains charges of allegedly falsifying business records.

According to Yahoo News, Trump will face 34 felony counts for falsification of business records with none of the charges being misdemeanors. Yahoo News also stated the Former President would not be cuffed nor would he have his mugshot taken. Trump is constantly protected by federal agents and therefore is not seen as a flight risk.

Following his surrender and arraignment, Former President Trump is expected to return to his home in Florida as the charges against him do not require bail to be set. Trump is expected to deliver remarks from Mar-a-Lago at 8:15 p.m.

The indictment of Former President Trump is historic because no former president has ever before been indicted which is when formal notice is given to a person stating that there is a belief that they have committed a crime.

A conviction would not prevent Trump from continuing his presidential run for the 2024 presidential election nor would it prevent him from winning the presidency.

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