New York black bears are hungry. As colder weather approaches and they get ready for their long winter's nap, food is a high priority. So what do you do if you have one of their favorite snacks on your property?

Bears are constantly spotted roaming Hudson Valley neighborhoods looking for bird feeders, garbage cans, and any other edible thing that they can get their paws on. This also includes chickens. One bear recently learned the hard way about how some New Yorkers are protecting their birds.

NYS DEC via Facebook
NYS DEC via Facebook

Bears Vs. Chickens in New York

"Keeping backyard chickens has become an increasingly popular hobby with many New Yorkers", began a recent post from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC).  "If you have (or are thinking about getting) chickens, bees or other livestock, a properly installed and maintained electric fence is the best way to keep them safe and avoid conflicts with bears and other wildlife".

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Black Bears Attack New York Farm Animals

The video (below) isn't the only proof that bears don't always get what they want. Just across the state line in Connecticut, a security camera caught amazing footage of a bear's unsuccessful trip into a pig pen. Instead of gorging on pork, the hooved heroes miraculously chased away the hungry omnivore in a stunning display of self defense.

Bear Vs. Donkey in Hudson, NY

Unfortunately, there's not always a happy ending. Last year in Hudson, NY, a daring black bear reportedly made off with a miniature donkey. It was only the farmer's heroic efforts that saved the remaining donkey from a similar fate when they bear returned.

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"Electric fences are relatively easy and cost-effective to install and in addition to securing livestock, can also be used around areas such as gardens and orchards", the NYS DEC continued. "When a bear touches an electric fence, it will shock the bear and create pain and fear, but will not harm the bear." Check out some other simple bear protection steps to take below.

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