Dancing ADK Bear Cub

There have been quite a few bear sightings throughout the Capital Region lately, but here's something you probably thought you'd never see; a baby bear cub dancing like the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

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MJ's Moonwalk

It's been 40 years since Michael Jackson "moonwalked" for the very first while performing his new song "Billie Jean" on national TV, but a cute bear cub did their very best MJ impression recently in Old Forge, New York - and we have video proof!

Derrica Stallone from Old Forge shared the video on a Facebook group called ADK/North Country Bear Sightings and naturally, wildlife enthusiasts like me ate it up!

Old Forge, NY

Stallone told us she has a camp in Old Forge, and that's where the adorable video was captured.

In the 8-second vid, you see a large mama bear hanging out with her feisty cub who, in an attempt to get mama's attention, stands up on its hind legs.

Tipsy Bear Cub

Unsure of his surroundings - and appearing a little bit tipsy - the little guy starts to stumble forward but catches himself.

Then, holding its paws out, the baby takes a few steps backward and appears to do a little dance that looks a lot like MJ's moonwalk.

Video credit: Derrica Stallone

We love this stuff - and if you ever encounter something like this out in the wild, feel free to send it our way so that we can share it throughout the Capital Region! Our email is Mornings@wgna.com


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