More remains of this pre-historic creature have been found in New  York State than in any other state. In fact, one county in the Hudson Valley found more remains "than any other place on earth."

A Facebook post is going viral in Orange County, New York that shares many fun facts about the county, including one that surprised me.

Mastodon Remains Found In Orange County

"More Mastodon skeletons have been unearthed in Orange County than any other place on earth," Cheryl Marie Snyder Carey wrote in her Facebook post.

Warning: All Should "Avoid" Traveling To This City In New York State

I looked into this and officials confirmed it's true.

More Maston Remains Found In New York Than Any Other State





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The Hudson River Valley Institute reports mastodon remains were found in the following parts of New York State:

Peale's Mastodon Returns To The USA For A Visit
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Newburgh, New York

  • Early 1800s

Cohoes, New York

  • Found in 1836

Newburgh, New York

  • Found in 1845

Montgomery, New York

  • Found in 1845

Mount Hope New York

  • Found in 1872

Jamaica, Queens

  • Found in 1858

"Near" Monroe, New York

  • Found in 1952

Warwick-Chester, New York

  • Found in 1972

Hyde Park, New York

North Chemung County, South of Watkins Glen

  • Found in 1999

Between Rochester, Buffalo

  • Found in July 2001

Ellenville, New York

  • A date wasn't given because only a mastodon tooth was found

Skeletal Remains On Display In Middletown, Monroe, Albany, Ithaca, Buffalo


Skeletal remains can be found at the SUNY Orange in Middletown, Museum Village in Monroe, New York State Museum in Albany, Paleontological Research Institution in Ithaca and Buffalo Museum of Science, according to the Orange County Mineral Society. 

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A 14,000-year-old mastodon skeleton discovered near Newburgh is headed for the Smithsonian Institute.

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