After a 'Satan Club' attempted to organize at an Upstate New York elementary school earlier this year, many people were rightfully concerned. Are public schools turning our kids into devil worshippers? How widespread is this, exactly? And what should parents know about it?

Kevin Grieve on Unsplash
Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Homer Brink Elementary School

Alarm bells first went off after flyers were distributed around Homer Brink Elementary School in Endicott, New York back in February. The "After School Satan Club" was organized by The Satanic Temple and Reason Alliance, and is taught by "volunteer teachers who live in the community, have passed extensive criminal background checks, and are looking forward to engaging your children in a variety of fun activities centered around The Seven Fundamental Tenets."

Ruben Santos via Unsplash
Ruben Santos via Unsplash






At the time, Jason Van Fossen, the superintendent of the Maine-Endwell Central School District, then sent a letter to parents saying they did not endorse the club, but approved it after the organization complied with all the regulations.

A month later in March, the proposed first meeting of After School Satan Club was met with protests from upset members of the community. Ultimately the first meeting was canceled, but the school said it was because they double booked the event space.


In real life, Satanists don't go around hexing people and sacrificing animals. While the religion does have extremists -- what religion doesn't? -- most Satanists are simply rebelling against the fundamentals of Christianity.

After School Satan Clubs have been gaining traction nationwide as the organization racks up free speech victories, and the attention from the media shines more light (or darkness?) on their plight.

But still... Satanism at school? Who knew "the devil's playground" was a thing to be taken literally.

You can read more about the After School Satan program at their official website. 

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