This is a photo you have to see to believe!

It's not often that you can capture a moment so perfectly. Lightning strikes, to me, are one of the hardest capture - but especially when you're trying to get it to happen at an exact location.

Schenectady, NY is affectionately known as the electric city. It's know for that because that is where the General Electric power headquarters is located. The famous building with the GE symbol on it was built in 1925, according to GE's website. It has been a glowing beacon here in the Capital Region ever since.

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While they haven't been around as long as GE, Two Buttons Deep has also become a well known Capital Region brand. Jack, one of its founders, was able to capture an amazing photo over building 37 during the big storms that passed through the area on Thursday night.

Quite the amazing moment if you ask me. It took him a while to get this photo, but from the looks of this it will be one that goes down in the history books.

See the full video:

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