Remember Jack the Sheltie?  He was the dog threatened with euthanasia after biting his owner's granddaughter.

His family is still fighting for his life while the case remains under review by the Oneida County Court.  They have started a petition and have garnered - as of this writing - almost eight thousand Facebook "likes" on the "Help Us Save Jack" page.

A decision is expected to be made by the County soon as to whether Jack will be allowed to live or die.  In the meantime Jack's owners are asking those who support the dog to be vocal, even suggesting that they reach out to Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Jack is biding his time at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society.

Some say that too much time is being spent on Jack.  They say a dog is a dog, a bite is a bite, and the law is the law.  Others agree with an editorial in the Utica Observer-Dispatch, where editors say that Jack was simply doing what dogs should be expected to do, and should be allowed to live.