Are the Jets even trying?

You have to wonder after they announced the signing journeyman quarterback Josh McCown.

McCown's reported one-year deal for $6 million says the Jets won't have much of an offense next season and they won't be the landing spot for other veteran's like Tony Romo - if he'd even consider the Jets - or Jay Cutler, and they won't be taking another turn with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Unless, McCown is going to be the backup for some other free agent signing. Which I don't see.

They aren't going to pay another vet to come in, have McCown be the backup (for $6 million) then leave Bryce Petty to rot on the bench.

I'm not saying Petty is the answer, but Geno Smith is now gone to the Giants so he's not an option either (and wasn't much of an option anyway).

So, Jets fans, Josh McCown is your number-1 QB next year?

Because barring a good camp, no a great camp, it's not Petty.

He's a 14-year vet with career totals of 79 TDs, 69 INTs and 78.2 QB rating. Not terrible, and he actually had two really good half-seasons in Chicago and Cleveland, but he's a backup. And, he'll be 38 when the next season begins.

Petty, the 25-year-old Baylor grad, was thought to be the Jets future signal-caller but needs to progress, quickly. He threw 7 interceptions and 3 touchdowns, while getting sacked 13 times in his 6 game appearances last year.

And, regardless of who's throwing the ball, let's not forget big-target, physical wideout Brandon Marshall is gone, too, also to the Giants.

If you thought 5-11 was rough last season, wait until the Jets go 3-13 in 2017. And, I think that's an optimistic projection.

New York Jets v Detroit Lions
Todd Bowles (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

So, fans, while you're thinking about 2018 you may want to consider who you'd like your next coach to be. While this isn't all his fault, I don't see Todd Bowles surviving another disastrous season in New York.

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