Three of the major league's greatest coaches will be inducted in the National Baseball Hall of Fame this summer.

Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa will all be enshrined in Cooperstown, NY, according to

The three, who accumulated 7,558 regular-season wins, 17 pennants and eight World Series titles, were elected unanimously by the 16-member Expansion Era Committee during a lengthy meeting on Sunday. The announcement by Hall of Fame chairman Jane Forbes Clark was made on Monday morning as the annual Winter Meetings began.

Let me say that I think all three coaches are obviously very deserving of this honor, so I'm not trying to downplay their selection.

Rob Carr, Getty Images

However, for fear of a repeat of 2013, when no modern era players made the cut and the honorees included names most fans had never heard of, I almost think this is an 'insurance' induction. Bring three legendary figures to town so in the case that no big name modern era guys get in, at least you still have a reason to go to Cooperstown.

I could be wrong but I just think this may not have happened now without the cloud of steroids tainting ballots.

Good for all three skippers though, again, it's hard to argue about their worthiness as all three are in the top 5 all time for managerial wins, according to

La Russa ranks third (2,728), Cox is fourth (2,504) and Torre is fifth (2,326).