Just when we were getting used to life getting back to some normalcy, COVID-19 is making a triumphant return to Utica, Rome and the Mohawk Valley.

The percentage of vaccinated people in the region just isn't high enough to squelch the spread of the virus and the new variants, according to health officials. Oneida County is reporting that only 60% of the eligible population in the county have been fully vaccinated.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente's office released new numbers on Wednesday showing the county with 74 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the total active count to 711 positive cases. That's the most active cases in the county since February of this year, when cases were drastically dropping from over 7,000 active cases in January. Oneida County's positivity rate is now back up over 4%.

Another alarming statistic to consider is the average age of a COVID-19 case now in September. Currently, 20% of cases are now with people aged 17 and under and the average age of a COVID-19 case now in Oneida County is 37, dramatically younger than during the peak of the virus in December of last year and January of this year.

Here are the current numbers:

  • 74 new positive cases, 24,353 total.
  • 711 active positive cases.
  • 4.1% positivity rate.
  • 1 new COVID-19-related death, 440 total.
  • 1,177 are in mandatory isolation & quarantine.
  • 48 Oneida County residents are hospitalized.

o   40 unvaccinated/8 vaccinated.

o   31 at MVHS.

o   11 at Rome Health.

o   6 out of county.

  • 10 of total hospitalized are in the ICU.
  • 8 unvaccinated/2 vaccinated.
  • 7 of total hospitalized are on ventilators.
  • 5 unvaccinated/2 vaccinated.

440 people have now lost their lives to COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

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