The Editorial Board at the Observer Dispatch on Sunday joined the effort to encourage people to get tested early for cancer, a campaign by WIBX'S Bill Keeler and business leader Tim Reed.

Keeler and Reed are pretty well known in these parts. Keeler has been a radio talk show host for years and currently can be heard Monday through Friday on WIBX 950AM. Reed recently stepped down after 10 years as executive director of Utica’s Boilermaker Road Race. The two men also share another title: cancer survivor. (Sunday Observer Dispatch, 4/7/19). Read the complete OD Editorial by clicking here

The OD editorial told the Keeler-Reed cancer story, Reed with Prostate Cancer and Keeler with Colon Cancer, and how Reed's ailment inspired Keeler to get tested. Both received treatments locally.

Keeler traveled to Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and also met with Dr. Jonathan Blancaflor at St. Elizabeth Medical Center's Robotic Surgery Department in Utica. He eventually had the surgery completed successfully in Utica on February 11th. Reed completed a 45-day radiation regimen in February, at Associated Medical Professionals in New Hartford with Urologist, Dr. Daniel Welchons, and Radiational Physician, Dr. Neil Mariodos.

Local radio personality Bill Keeler, right, meets with Dr. Jonathan Blancaflor, during a post surgery checkup at MVHS St. Luke's campus on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 in Utica, NY. Tim Reid had encouraged Keeler to go for a colon screening which revealed he had colon cancer.  Blancaflor operated on Keeler and remove the infected area. Keeler is now cancer free and is on a mission with Tim Reid to spread colon cancer screening awareness.  (PHOTO BY NANCY L. FORD)

The Observer Dispatch Editorial also spotlighted the facts and figures about Colon and Prostate Cancer. Get the facts from the OD here.