A well-known contractor and builder of the Irish Cultural Center of the Mohawk Valley has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and needs the public's help.

John Sullivan of John Sullivan and Sons Construction was recently diagnosed with an advanced form of prostate cancer and needs to begin an even more aggressive treatment as soon as possible. Before that treatment can begin, he needs to show medical providers he has sufficient funding. If treated, he has a very good chance of remission.

In order to help get Sullivan started on this essential treatment, his friends on the Irish Cultural Center Board of Directors have created a GoFundMe page in order to reach out to the public for help.

John is highly involved in not only his community, but his Catholic faith. Being an Irish man, he is never shy about showing off the pride he has in his heritage. According to friends, John volunteers for several local organizations including food pantries, such as Mother Marianne's West Side Kitchen. He also coached Pop-Warner football and volunteered as the past Treasurer for the Whitesboro Youth Hockey Association.

Sullivan also volunteers his time to teach Confirmation candidates to prepare for the sacrament. In addition to his work with the church, Sullivan is very proud of his Irish heritage and does a lot to express that pride. Sullivan is a long-time member of The Ancient Order of Hibernians and he organized and worked every Irish Mass at the Great American Irish Festival for the last 16 years. He was also a recent Grand Marshall for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. In a nomination letter for Grand Marshall, his dedication to the successful completion of the Irish Cultural Center was expressed. The letter read in part,

As the construction manager of the Irish Cultural Center, John's dedication and focus has been invaluable in surmounting the many issues experienced in completing this building. He has worked tirelessly, often six days a week, often alone, volunteering his own time, to assure the quality of the final project.

After rapid weight loss and repeated pleas from his wife to get checked out, Sullivan was told by doctors his prostate cancer had already spread to his pelvis and his skull's frontal lobe. His doctor also told him his PSA's were continuing to go up-from 222-300 in one week. This means the cancer is rapidly progressing. His only chance is for the treatment to begin this week.

Though John is covered by Medicare, it only takes care of 80% of the cost. The other 20% is still burdensome. He'll need multiple treatments, including hormone shots, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The cost for one of his treatments is $14,000. That is why the GoFundMe page is set to raise $25,000 to show doctors that he can afford to begin and continue paying for treatments needed.

If you've ever met John you know what kind of person he is and that is evident by the fact over $19,000 has already been raised on his behalf. Please consider a donation and visit the page to help John have a fighting Irish chance. He would do it for anyone else in need. To donate visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-john-sullivan-beat-aggressive-cancer.

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