Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


- Today is April Fool's Day. Watch out for pranksters at home, at work, or on the street!

- Continuing coverage of the Malaysian Airlines flight 370. CNN asking the same question until they find answer. Last thing said by Air Traffic control, "Goodnight Malaysian 370."

- State budget passed just in the nick of time! Some bills were passed, and some bills weren't. It came right down to the wire.

- Pat Robertson of the "700 Club" in the news for potentially anti-Semitic comments including something about Jewish people shining their diamonds.


- Jimmy Kimmel gives his suggestions of great April Fool's pranks.

- Woman who caught "Redneck Road Rager" on camera speaks out, but does not want her name released. Driver of the truck was arrested because of the video identifying his plates.


- Lesson for Bill today: Don't eat spicy mango cheese right before bed. Allison (Bill's wife) calls up to talk about his late night acid reflux.

- Prescription drug commercials: 15 seconds of positive, 45 seconds of warnings and side-effects. Maybe that's why Bill won't take his cholesterol medicine.

Ray Stagich Gives Us His Daily Forecast


- One of our listeners, Denise, called up to let Bill know HE HAS TO TAKE HIS MEDS!!! If he doesn't he could die. We addressed the importance of everyone taking care of themselves.

- Big news coming soon for Bill's cooking show...PLATE NIGHT!

- A Los Angeles waitress Chelsea Roth has had a rough life and has been a great care-taker for her sister. She was originally pranked with a $1000 tip, two plane tickets to Hawaii, and another a dream job of teaching Yoga for a big non-profit, and finally a car. She split the money, what a kind soul. We listened to the story.

Tim Kremer - New York State School Board Association

Tim was on to discuss the State Budget in regards to education. He addressed the Utica City School District, Valley Schools, and Gap elimination.

- Big spill in Geneseo. A tractor trailer was carrying chocolate syrup!

Bruce Karam - Utica City School District Superintendent




Mr. Karam was in to discuss how the Utica City Schools were affected by the State Budget and state testing day today.

***SOUND OFF w/ Mr. Bruce Karam***

- An anti-gay activist claims that Obama is not just bi-sexual, but completely gay.

Jim Piccola - NY State Dept. of Transportation

Jim is from the State D.O.T. and was on to discuss the mudslide in Ilion and travel advisories caused by melting snow. He also gave an update on the arterial project.

Andrew Buys A Truck and Tom Calls About New Roads

 Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi - State Budget Passing

It came right down to the wire, but legislators and senators finally passed the state budget right around 11:30pm. We also discussed with Mr. Brindisi his shaving habits.

Breathing Time (Maybe Breeding Time?)

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