Friday, January 31, 2014

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The Mean Lunch Lady Story

In Salt Lake City, school lunches were ripped from about 40 elementary students - right from the table - because they were behind on their lunch bills.  In most cases, kids owed no more than $4.  Unbelievable.

A Big Sports Weekend

-The Comets are home tonight and tomorrow night at 7

-The Pioneers are in Elmira for two key games

-Syracuse hosts Duke on Saturday night

-Superbowl Sunday is...well, you know, Sunday.

There's Big Seinfeld News

And it might be announced during a Superbowl commercial on Sunday night.  It seems that maybe a reunion might be in the making.  At the very least, filming has happened recently at Tom's Restaurant in NYC with Seinfeld characters.

Willie Waffle Movie Review

2 movies this weekend, both get 1 waffle:

Labor Day and That Awkward Moment

Here are Willie's latest reviews on his website.

 Superbowl and Duke at Syracuse- Brandon Lang is the Sports Betting Expert

Brandon was the inspiration for the movie "Two for the Money" and nobody knows sports betting like Brandon.  Check out his website for the weekend picks.

Will the Cheerios Superbowl Ad Cause More Racism?

It seemed to get so bad that General Mills had to take the comments section down from their YouTube Page.  Watch the commercial and see what General Mills and Cheerios has to say.

Congressman Richard Hanna

Talking about the State of the Union earlier this week.

Karate School Dragon - Ena Latic

Ena is just back from Germany where she won a tournament. She is a Master World Champion. They have a school at 249 Bleecker Street. They offer programs for kids and ladies...inexpensive, as well. Ena just turned 18, she's an amazing example of the good that comes out of Proctor:

Senator Griffo - Assemblyman Joe Morelle on MMA

The Senator and Assemblyman talk about the legalization of Mixed Martial Arts in New York.

Leon and Romy Low have a Big Show Saturday at The Stanley

A few tix remain for the 7pm Saturday Show.
They're awesome!

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