Today is Friday, September 13th, 2013

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Bill is a Buffalo Bills and a Syracuse fan...both virtually impossible to watch on TV this past weekend.

Today, the Powerball Lottery jackpot has risen to above $425 million, as nobody won the big jackpot on Saturday.  Keeler is running the Powerball Partnership Contest, today through Wednesday.  Here's how it works:

We take a randomly selected phone caller who gives us 5 numbers between 1 and 59 and then a Powerball between 1 and 35.  Keeler then buys the Powerball ticket for this Wednesday night's drawing.  The partnership comes in if the ticket wins!  We'll split any winnings on these numbers 4 ways...3 people in the studio (Bill, Jeff and Kristine) and the caller who provided those numbers.

WIBX and Keeler in the Morning are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, failure to purchase a winning ticket or any issues of phone connection and communication.  Contestant picks will be posted at

 Miss America is from Syracuse

The new Miss America will start the first day of her reign the same way most of her predecessors did — with a frolic in the Atlantic City surf.

Nina Davuluri will speak at a news conference earlier Monday at Boardwalk Hall, where she became the first contestant of Indian heritage to win the crown Sunday night.

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 Adirondack Scenic Railway Fighting to Keep Tracks

Keeler spoke with Utica Councilman Jim Zecca and the owner of the Soda Fountain in Remsen, Steve Boucher.  Several callers phoned in to support the railway.  There's a group attempting to pull up railroad tracks from Old Forge to Lake Placid, this are being planned to be used by the Adirondack Railway.  A public hearing is being held today at the State Office Building in Utica.


Adirondack Scenic Railway

There were more calls on the railway.

A 13 Year Old Business Owner

Nicholas Pinto of New Jersey was on the air talking about his business that has generated over $100,000 in revenue over the last year.  He's manufacturing scooter wheels.

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Oneida Nation Effort to Change Name of NFL Redskins on Leno

Jay Leno used the Oneida Nation story about the Washington Redskins as part of a monologue joke.  Here's the story

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