Thursday, February 20, 2014

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Syracuse With a Terrible Loss

62-59 to Boston College

The FCC Wants to Put Cameras in Newsrooms?

One of the FCC Commissioners is blowing the whistle on this story.

Bob Roth - Our Syracuse Guru is on to Talk About the Orange

...And to tell us he told us so.  He predicted this loss.

Miss Utica Tonya Kassler is raising funds to advance to the Manhattan Pageant  search: Tonya

Olympics: Women coverage vs. Male coverage

The men get more face time than women on NBC according to Utica College Professor Paul Macarthur.  They've been studying prime time coverage by NBC for their study.

Utica Common Council's Frank Vescera

Talking about the vote to override the 1.66% tax cap at last night's Common Council meeting.

On Air: Erin Hamlin is on live from Sochi

Our very own Olympic hero...the first U.S. athlete to medal

Our New Curling Ringtone or Alarm

Two New York States - Upstate vs. Down

Upstate Conservative Coalition wants Upstate to be separated from downstate.  John Bergener is the spokesperson.

This caller has a different spin on how to split to New York:

John Naegele from McCraith Beverages

Promoting craft beers for the upcoming Utica On Tap with WIBX. Today's brew is Adirondack from Lake Placid.  Available at craft beer outlets all over the area.

Andrew P. Jackson on Black History Month

He says, unlike Morgan Freeman's beliefs, that Black History Month is important and still relevant.