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Greece, in the Rochester Area, is in the center of a Supreme Court Case

A jewish woman and an atheist are challenging prayer before public meetings in government and the case has reached the Supreme Court.  A decision is expected by June:

See audio below

Randy Burbach is the Coach Who Lost His Job Because He Insisted the Awards Banquet Be Held at Hooters - Here's the story.

This was quite a debate:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:

 Congressman Richard Hanna

Talking about Obama Care and his upcoming re-election campaign:

Caller Lou disagrees with Hanan on Obama Care:

Rob Ford, The Mayor of Toronto- Here's an amazingly funny summary

Freedom of Religion or the Separation of Church and State

There's a huge story from Greece, NY about two women who are challenging prayer prior to public government meetings.  It's a big story.

Cannon Ball Run Winner on Air Ed Bolian

On air:

Cannon ball Run Winner - ere's a little throwback to the movie

Mayor Rob Palmieri on Air About Post Election

The Mayor had a lot to say and he answers the question, Why he endorsed Bill Morehouse for Comptroller:



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