Here’s a wrap-up of Thursday’s Keeler in the Morning show on WIBX.  Congressman Richard Hanna is on today.

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: John King, Commissioner of Education.  Should he resign?  Vote in today's Question of the Day.
This Day in History:  click here

The Government is Back in Business

Here's the audio from the House floor as the stenographer went a bit crazy.

Oneida Indian Nation Will No Longer Say: Redskins

It's now the 'R' Word
Here's Kristine's story.
Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin
Peter discussed the re-opening of the government, from an NYC perspective
Check out Peter's website for the best tour in New York City.

Tim Dekay White Collar Tonight 9pm USA Network

Tim was a great interview.  He went to school at LeMoyne and did his internship in Utica.

 Honk Poll:  Who do you blame for the Govt. Shutdown

Andrew hit the streets and held up a sign.  Honk once if you blame Republicans, twice if you blame the President and Democrats and three times if you blame everybody.

Majority blamed everybody, followed by Dems and Republicans.

Congressman Richard Hanna on Re-opening the Government

Representative Hanna took us through last night's vote.

 Verona Councilman Fritz Scherz on his Animal Cruelty Proposal

From Fritz:  says "I encourage you to tune in about 7:15am to WIBX as I'll be discussing with Bill Keeler my petition regarding making animal cruelty laws stronger and having them under the auspices of the penal code."

Eve Van de Wal - Regional President of Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

Eve answers questions on Affordable Care Act from an insurance company's perspective.

Eve Van de Wal segment 1:

Eve Van de Wal segment 2:

Eve Van de Wal segment 3:

 DEBATE: Herkimer County Legislature 5th District (IN STUDIO)

Ray Johnson (R) Incumbent v. Bridget McKinley (D)

A Listener Wrote Bill With Some Strong Conservative Views

Instead of reading the letter, Bill decided to turn it into a song.


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