Here’s a wrap-up of today’s Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Wednesday, November, 27th.  Busy travel day, Happy Thanksgiving!

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Battery
Hometown of the Day: Buffalo
Newsmaker of the Day: Willie Waffle, our Movie Critic
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Topics today:

Comets lose Tuesday night

The Pope lays out a new directive

A Bullying Law Public Hearing was held last night

The Keeler WIBX Toy Drive with Time Warner Cable, New York Sash and Operation Sunshine is underway!  The New York Sash Teddy Bear Toss is 12/7.

Willie Waffle Movie Review

3 Movies open Tonight:

Frozen  4 Waffles

Homefront  2 1/2

Philomena  4 Waffles

See all of Willie's complete reviews.

Father Sean O'Brien on the Pope's Letter

Father Sean says the Pope is NOT the liberal people think he is.  He's taken the church back to its roots.