The Keeler Show for Tuesday, May 16th. It was Election Day for school districts and Board of Education members. Monaski was out sick for the program and Davey and intern Devin filled the void.

Topics include the day's news, Dr. Kent Hall on the new hospital, various topics, and how experienced the new doctors are. The program also featured Steve Spiro who is an expert on business connections. Also, NYS Senator Joe Griffo spent the 8 am hour with us talking about a host of various topics.

Tonya J. Powers of FOX News on the International Religion Report

FOX News Radio reporter Tonya J. Powers talks about the countries around the world that suppress religion.

Dr. Kent Hall of MVHS

Doc hit a ton of great questions including the experience level of new doctors practicing at the new MVHS

Steve Spiro - The Master Connector

Steve Sprio is the Master Connector and he does a podcast to prove it. Check out his website for details.  Sprio has all sorts of tips on remaining relevant in business today.

Senator Joe Griffo Takes on the Entire 8AM Hour

Senator Griffo answers a host of questions on the NYS budget, Update succeeding fro downstate (which would be a disaster), Thruway tolls, rest areas, and speed limit, plus he takes several phone calls from listeners.

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