Friday, April 10th, 2015

Today we have a lot to get into. We will get our weekend movie reviews from Willie Waffle. We also discuss education reform and state tests with both Carl Korn from NYSUT and Superintendent Richard Hughes who is the CVA Superintendent. We will also get a veteran update with Sheriff Maciol and we talk to Mayor Leonard of Ilion.

***Today’s Topics***


- Somone is going after Bill on Twitter. He was upset about the Brandon DeFazio comments about him being a "right-winger." We also talk about the NYSUT President and her urging parents to 'Opt Out.'


- We talk about the Dash Cam video that was released on Walter Scott being pulled over.


- We talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel on the latest forecast.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Review

- Before we talk to Willie about the movies, we talk about the Bruce Jenner special interview promo and Sanrda Bullocks' called 911 due to a stalker. Also, a legendary reporter will be retiring.

- The Longest Ride - The only movie in wide release this week.  She is a college student involved in the fancy art world.  He's a hunky rodeo cowboy.  AND THEY FALL IN LOVE!  From Nicholas Sparks, so Alan Alda is along as the old guy who had a relationship much like theirs, and I have a feeling someone will die.

Dr. Donald Bucklin

- Doctor Donald Bucklin talks about Dark Chocolate and the weight loss effects associated with it.

Carl Korn - NYSUT

- We talk about two new contests and we talk with Carl about State Standardized Tests and 'Opt Out.'

Richard Hughes - CVA Superintendent

- Richard Hughes is the Central Valley Superintendent and he weighs in on the 'Opt Out' issues and education reforms.


- We continue the discussion on education.

Sheriff Rob Maciol - Veteran Story Update

- Before we get to the Sheriff, we talk a little more about the education debate. We then get to the Sheriff to get an update on the Veteran story and talk about the money we raised.

Terry Leonard - Mayor of Ilion

- We talk about the budget with Mayor Leonard including discussions on cutting village police.


- People in Elmira want Brian Williams off the "Welcome to Elmira Sign."

The Music Game

- Miles is the contestant and Bill has to guess the songs! He gets dinner for 2 and great pastries at Holland Farms.