Friday, April 17th, 2015

Today we talk to Fred from Chanatry's regarding Honest John hotdogs. We also talk with Assemblyman Marc Butler and David Short of the DPW to discuss green waste pick up.

***Today’s Topics***


- We talk about the Proctor High School graduate, Brianna Kiesel, who was drafted to the WNBA Tulsa Shock. We also talk about the ESPN "Hotty" that was suspended for being a terrible person.


- We discuss the controversy that was stirred up yesterday regarding Honest John hotdogs at Voss.'


- We talk about some news stories and Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel gives us the Weather Forecast.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Review

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 - Paul Blart heads to Vegas for vacation, but he stumbles across a heinous plot.

Unfriended - A group of high school kids shame a bully into suicide. Now, the group is being attacked one by one while online and by an unknown entity.

Monkey Kingdom - A baby monkey and its mom try to survive in the wild.


- We discuss the Comets and where they will be come playoff time and we do a history contest.

Fred Brescia - Chanatry's

- Fred is with the meat department at Chanatry's and he confirms that the Honest John is available. We also talk a little more about Voss.'


- A news story that Kristine reads gets everyone in the studio fired up!

People's Choice Awards CNY - 2015

- We will provide you with the full list of winners in all categories and reveal the rest of the winners.


Assemblyman Marc Butler

- We have Assembylman Butler in to discuss a number of issues from warning labels on soda to education reform.

Rick Lewis

- We talk to Rick about the bowl-a-thon, zombie walk, and 'Zombies in Utica 2.'

David Short - DPW Commissioner

- We talk to Dave about the proper procedures and policies involved in green waste pick up.

Continuing with Assemblyman Marc Butler

- We talk to the Assemblyman about the water issue that would occur at Nano Center and Bible discussion.

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