Friday, April 24th, 2015

Today we talk to Tim Reed about the need for more charity bib participants, we have Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi about teacher evaluations, and Dale Rashford from the Lions will be here to talk about the upcoming Graig Nettles appearance.

- Remington has received some new contracts and now they will be calling back about 200 people to fill those production needs.

- Willie talks with us about Bruce Jenner and gives us the weekend movie reviews. Before you go to the movies, make sure you check out

- We are happy to have Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi in studio with us to discuss a number of issues including his thoughts on extending the deadline for teacher evaluation decisions.

- Lt. Steve Hauck from the UPD is in this morning to help us out with finding out how loud the AUD can be?

- Remember the bus monitor in Greece who was bullied? Well now he is in trouble for making a special needs student drink urine. We go over a few other news stories.

- We play a new contest called "20 Questions." Bob from Utica is the contestant and even though he didn't stump the crew, we never like people losing.