Friday, December 9th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Discussing what we know and don't know regarding the fatal home invasion story from Ilion. The intruder was shot and police haven't yet released his name. They're saying they haven't determined his identity...but Andrew asks, if that's the case, how do they know he's 19?

Fox's Tonya J Powers on the DC Pizzagate story. It's bizarre - story here.

Facebook's Top 10 trending topics of 2016 - list here.

And, the Top 10 Facebook LIVE videos - list here.

Willie Waffle on this weekend's movie releases brought to you by Smith Packing:

  • Office Christmas Party - 1.5 waffles
  • Nocturnal Animals - 3 waffles
  • Miss Sloane

7 AM Hour

Roger Skinner of Skinner Sales joins us to discuss the Move Over Law and Towing on the NYS Thurway. Recently a state worker was killed by a driver on the side of the Thruway.

Major Francis Coots of the New York State Police with an update on the armed home invasion in Ilion that resulted in the intruder being shot and killed.

Nicole Cozza and Gina Hobika from CNYS Milestones. They brought in a Narcan/Naloxone kit, which can be used to save the life of someone who has overdosed on heroin. For more information call 315-507-5800

8 AM Hour

Keeler has the list of acts at the 2016 New York State Fair Chevy Court and what they were paid. Some surprises in there. Here's the list via

Sarah Nycole of the Beautiful Dream Yoga. Their grand opening is Sunday morning at 11:30. Sarah Nycole brought in some gift certificates to give away for listeners.

And, Rene Arndt is in to talk about the Evolution of Fashion show going on tonight at Herkimer College.

Crazy news stories of the day - Judge Rheinhold was arrested - story here.

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